Animal Control in Indiana

Yetter Critter Getter LLC is a trusted provider of wildlife removal in Indiana. We offer home inspections, emergency removal services and more. Our hard-working, honest teams are committed to identifying the most humane and cost-effective way to trap and remove wild animals from your home and property.

We provide wild animal removal in Indiana for residences and golf courses. Our highly qualified pest removal experts specialize in identifying problematic animals, and removing them from your premises in a humane and efficient manner.

Yetter Critter Getter LLC offers comprehensive animal removal services of virtually any pest, including:

animal control



If you’re in need of bat removal in Indiana, look no further than Yetter Critter Getter LLC today. We can help clients humanely and ethically remove these dangerous diseases vectors from homes, garages and golf courses.

animal control raccoons


Raccoons are often a destructive pest. If you have a problem with raccoons at your property, call our team today for assistance with raccoon removal in Indiana.



Don’t delay scheduling your snake removal in Indiana – snakes are a potentially dangerous pest. We offer effective, affordable snake removal services designed to meet the needs of our clients.

squirrel animal control


While squirrels may not always be a pest, they can occasionally cause damage to your gardens and landscaping, and may pose health risks in certain circumstances. That’s why our team offers ethical squirrel removal in Indiana.


We’re proud to offer a robust range of options for rodent removal in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio to each of our clients. Regardless of the scope of your pest problem, you can rely on us.

Golf Course Animal Control

golf course mole damageGolf courses are a natural animal attractant. With their lush turf enticing animals to search for insect foods, their plentiful trees, vegetation, and bodies of water, they are naturally irresistable to a host of different species. Golf course nuisances include skunks, raccoons, opossums, beaver, muskrats, moles, groundhogs, and bees/hornets, among others.

  • Skunks tear up the turf in search of grubs and other insects, and also take shelter under buildings and walkways, leaving large holes and often times spraying which results in buildings and grounds smelling foul for several weeks.
  • Raccoons also do major damage to turf, tearing up large areas in search of food. They also overturn garbage receptacles and invade buildings, often destroying roofs and outer structures to obtain entry into attics.
  • Opossums also destroy turf again in search of insect foods, and dig holes under buildings. They are the most common animal to die under buildings and other areas where they are “smelled” but not seen, due to the fact that they eat diseased animals.
  • Beaver take up habitation in ponds, lakes, and streams. The most obvious damage from beavers is their chewing and felling of trees. They also dam up creeks, and storm drains, causing flooding. Beavers often build bank dens, causing the collapse of earth along the waters edge.
  • Muskrats take up residence in ponds and lakes, building bank side dens as well, causing the banks to erode and cave in, especially when lawn equipment, golf carts, etc, are driven across them. Muskrats also like to chew on irrigation lines and fountain heads.
  • Moles cause obvious damage to turf, leaving extensive raised tunnels and dirt mounds, which not only destroy the grounds but pose the risk of injury to golfers that may stumble on the raised passageways.
  • Groundhogs like to eat ornamental flowers and shrubs, destroying landscaping and vegitation. They also dig large burrows under buildings and hillsides.
  • Bees(ground bees) build unwanted nests in the ground where they can easily become irritated and very aggressive, with as little as a person walking over or driving a golf cart or maintenace equipment over the nest. Other species of bees build nests inside walls and buildings, posing risk to guests and staff.
  • Hornets build nests in trees and shrubs and are easily aggravated with people and equipment getting too close to the nest.


Here at Yetter Critter Getter L.L.C., We Know How Much of a Problem That Nuisance Animals Can Be

animal controlNesting animals like squirrels, raccoons, and others seeking shelter from the cold can get into attics and basements. They can bring in trash and deposit disease-filled waste in your home, as well as possibly wreaking havoc with utilities.

Burrowing animals such as groundhog, beaver and moles can destroy landscaping and cause cave-ins on paved surfaces.

Predatory animals, including coyotes, can be dangerous to family members and pets. Even smaller animals, like snakes, can pose a threat. It’s important for maintaining your home and quality of life to take care of all of your animal control issues as quickly as possible, which is where we come in. We offer humane animal control and removal services executed in a trained, professional manner.

With years of training, expertise, and experience, we’re able to quickly identify what animal is causing you a problem and then determine the best way to catch and remove the animal from your property, such as trapping or active removal. Once the animal has been caught, we release all the animals we can back into the local ecosystem.

We offer you peace of mind, both for the safety of your home and family as well as for the future of the animal. We’re not exterminators – we’re better.


Humane Animal Control

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