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Since 2012, Yetter Critter Getter LLC has been providing humane animal removal services to customers in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. We offer expert pest removal services of bats, moles, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, beavers and
more. Our teams are also capable of repairing damage caused by pests to restore the integrity of your building.

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We opt for humane capture and removal services instead of extermination. If you’re looking for a humane solution, rest assured we’ll provide it.

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home infestationYetter Critter Getter LLC is a trusted provider of pest removal and remediation services in and around Brookville, IN. Our knowledgeable, highly qualified teams are dedicated to finding and executing the most affordable and effective pest removal strategies. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with personalized services that remedy whatever situation they’re facing! As experts on wildlife removal in Indiana we work with a number of insurance companies to provide wildlife damage remediation services. We’re well-known for providing our clients with prompt, professional and effective wild animal removal services. When you call us, know that we provide humane animal capture and removal services, rather than extermination.

Yetter Critter Getter LLC offers pest control and remediation services to clients in southeastern Indiana, southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky. We can help remove a number of pests from your home, including coyotes, mice, bees, hornets, snakes, opossums and more. We offer a full range of services designed to keep your home or property pest-free; in addition to removal and remediation services, we can install chimney caps designed to keep animals out of your abode. Our teams also provide golf courses with pest control and remediation.

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We’re capable of removing virtually any animal pest on your property and are familiar with all of the region’s various critters.

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To keep your home or business safe, our team also performs animal damage remediation services.

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Our service range spans three states; we’re licensed in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and maintain trusted accreditations in all three.

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We perform a variety of pest control and remediation services, including home inspections.

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If you’re in need of wild animal removal in Indiana, look to Yetter Critter Getter LLC to provide you with professional and honest service. We’ll make your pest problem a thing of the past!

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